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VOLUME 11 ISSUE 1 2020

0101.  To study the preference of hospitality students towards Google search engine in comparison with traditional library books for reference

       Sandeep Narayan Naik  &  Asmita Yogesh Patil - Assistant Professors

       Dr.D.Y.Patil IHMCT, Pune-33

       Page No: 1-8


02.  Review on Braking System

       Harsh Kansara, Vedant Kakkar, Rishi Mehta, Angad Mann & Dr. Girish Bagale

       NMIMS University.

       Page No: 9-14


03.  First principle calculation studies of half-metallic ferromagnetism in Au-doped MgO

       M. Durka & P. Sugumar

       Bharath Institute of Higher Education and Research (BIHER), Bharath University, Chennai – 600 073, Tamil Nadu, India.

       Page No: 15-21


04.  Investigating Techniques for Searching Files in Distributed Systems: An Overview

       Vaishali S. Ambadekar  &  Sunil R. Gupta

       PRMIT&R, Badnera.

       Page No: 22-28


05.  Half-metallicity in Rhodium doped Chromium Phosphide: An ab-initio study

       B. Amutha  &  R. Velavan

       Bharath University, Chennai – 600 073, Tamil Nadu, India.

       Page No: 23-35


06.  RbgA – a prokaryotic GTPase involved in Ribosome assembly: Simulation studies

       R. Rajathilagam  &  M. Ayyar

       Bharath University, Chennai – 600 073, Tamil Nadu, India

       Page No: 36-45


07.  Enhancing The Impact Of Formative Feedbacks On Students Learning

       R. Kumar, Y.Gayathri, V.Mani, M.Varshini  &  R.Vidhya Dharshni

       Sri Ramakrishna Institute of Technology, Coimbatore, India.

       Page No: 37-57


08.  Smart Music Player Integrating Facial Emotion Recognition

       MohanaPriya , Haritha.M , Jayashree.S  &  Sathyakala.M

       Manakula Vinayagar Institute of Technology, Pondicherry University,Puducherry

       Page No: 58-63


09.  Advanced IOT Based Smart Billing Using GSM Model

       Pankaj A Bhoite, Patil Sagar Sanjay  &  Patil Amol Mangal

       Department of Electrical Engineering , NMU,Jalgaon

       Page No: 64-67


10.  Performance and information security evolution with firewalls

       Vinay T. Patil, Purushottam R. Patil  &  Vinayak O. Patil

       D. N. Patel College of Engineering, Shahada.
       Shweta V. Patil  -  P.S.G.V.P.Mandal’s, Arts, Science and Commerce College, Shahada

       Page No: 68-72