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VOLUME 10 ISSUE 2 2019

01.  To study the Impact of Training on Employee Performance in Hotel Industry

       Manjiri Joshi(professor)  &  Sandeep Narayan Naik
       Dr. D. Y. Patil Hotel management & Catering Technology, Pune

       Page No: 1-7


02.  Experimental Investigation Of Performance Of I.C. Engine Using Biodiesel – “Soybean Oil”

       Sachin K Pisal  &  Shivaji L Ghodake
       Shivaji University.

       Page No: 8-13


03.  Development And Validation Of Difference Spectroscopic Method For Citicoline Sodium In Tablet Dosage Forms By Ultraviolet Spectroscopy

       Asma A. Pathan, Prajakta, S. Pattanshetty  &  Arwa A. Koita

       M.C.E Society’s Allana College of Pharmacy, Azam Campus, Camp, Pune (MS) India.
       Pappu M. Tarang  -  YSPM’s YTC College of Pharmacy, Satara (MS) India.
       Page No: 14-20


04.  Improving performance of LTE control plane

       Bane Megha Raman, Rane Prajakta Santosh, Bane Raman Raghunath  &  Warawdekar Bhalchandra C.
       SSPM CoE, Kankavali.
       Page No: 15-29


05.  Financial Mall By Banks Through Universal Banking

       SRM University
       Page No: 30-33


06.  Comparative Study Of Water Quality In Lakes Of Smart City (A Case Study Of Pune City)

       D.K. Mokashi, Anup(Asst.Professor) Kumar Gupta, Sumiran Soni, Abu Hamza Ansari  & Vinit Isher
       Bharati Vidyapeeth’s College of Engineering, Lavale Pune.
       Page No: 34-38


07.  Analyzing and Optimizing of Quality of Service Management in Flying Ad hoc Networks

       Gebremedhin Gebreslassie  -  Ethiopia.
       Dr.L.Mary Immaculate(Asst.Professor)  -  Pentecost University College, Accra.
       Sheela Sheefa Ruby Grace(Asst.Professor)  -  Sarah Tucker College, India.
       Page No: 39-50


08.  Make your own GPS Transmitter with HC-12 Transceiver

       Ashish S. Bhaisare, Mr. Rohan S. Alashi, Ms. Sonam K. Choudhari, Ms. Shweta S. Dahiwalkar & Ms. Dhanashree D. Satpute
       Asangaon, Mumbai University
       Page No: 51-54


09.  Review of Design of Multiband Patch Antenna for Wireless Applications

       Reena Hiware, Prof. Ashish Zanjade & Pankaj Salunkhe(Asst.Professor)
       EXTC Department, Mumbai University.
       Page No: 55-59


10.  Characterization of Almost (, )-Continuous Functions and its properties

       S. Vijaya  -  Sethu Institute of Technology, Kariyapatti, Virudhunagar District, Tamil Nadu, India.
       P. Santhi  -  NPR College of Engineering and Technology, Natham, Dindugul District, Tamil Nadu, India.
       Page No: 60-67


11.  Design and Fabrication of Quadcopter for an Agricultural Application

       Deepika.M, Jayapriya.S, Muthulakshmi.M, Reshma.A, P.Kaviyarasu
       MAM School of Engineering, Trichy
       Page No: 68-75


12. CFD Analysis of Convective Heat Transfer from Inverted Trapezoidal Plate Fin Array

      S G Chavan, S Y Bhosale &  H N Deshpande
      PES's Modern College of Engineering, Shivaji Nagar Pune,
      Page No: 68-75


13. Data Mining Research: Opportunities and Challenges

      S. Prema, Mrs. S. Rajeshwari, Mr. S. Saravanakumar
      Mahendra Engineering college,
      Page No: 76-93